Meet Paul Slade:
Aprile UK’s New Managing Director

Last week, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Paul Slade, the new charismatic force behind the scenes at Aprile UK. As I step into Aprile’s London Chelmsford office space for the first time, it’s hard to miss the vibrant energy that surrounds Paul, who exudes a relaxed demeanor and a contagious positive attitude.

Paul Slade is a dedicated husband and loving father to three incredible children. With nearly three decades of experience in the dynamic realm of freight and logistics, Paul’s journey has taken him across the landscapes of both the UK and the Far East. Despite his wealth of experience, his infectious enthusiasm for the industry remains as vibrant as ever.

What attracted you to the role of Managing Director at Aprile UK, and what excites you most about joining our team?

What an incredible opportunity it is to join the Aprile UK team. Aprile has already cemented its position as a market leader in the UK, particularly renowned for its exceptional Intermodal services from Italy. The prospect of leveraging this strong foundation to cultivate a truly multi-modal international business was simply irresistible. However, what truly ignited my passion are the people and the culture here at Aprile. Many companies tout the importance of culture, but few truly embody it. From my initial interactions with the Senior Management team in Genoa, it became evident that Aprile’s culture is something truly special – a culture that emanates from the very top and permeates every aspect of the organization. Joining a team where this sense of camaraderie and shared purpose is palpable is what excites me the most about this role.

Can you share your vision for Aprile UK’s growth and development in the next three years?

We find ourselves in a tremendously exciting phase, having recently inaugurated two new offices in the UK – Birmingham and Manchester – within the last month. The momentum is palpable. Our vision for Aprile UK’s growth is both ambitious and, importantly, well-grounded in our confidence to attain it. Our strategic plan involves an expansion of our service portfolio across Europe, reinforcing our robust intermodal operations, and nurturing the development of our trailer business. Central to this strategic orchestration is our Chelmsford office, where our experienced, multilingual team will be the driving force behind these initiatives. While our intermodal operations are already a strength, we foresee substantial growth in our International Ocean and Airfreight sectors. The strategic positioning of our new teams in Birmingham and Manchester uniquely equips us to support the burgeoning demands of our customer base and Aprile’s global network with adept responses to inquiries. Over the next three years, our overarching goal is to establish Aprile UK as a distinguished supply chain partner within the UK logistics landscape. We aspire to be recognized for delivering exceptional service, focusing on providing world-class essentials. Our mission is clear – we aim to simplify, not complicate, supply chains for our valued customers.

What strategies do you plan to implement to enhance Aprile UK’s market presence and competitiveness in the UK logistics and freight forwarding industry?

To fortify Aprile’s foothold in the UK market and elevate our competitive edge, our strategy revolves around a multifaceted approach. We’re set to launch targeted market campaigns that resonate with our audience, creating a strong and memorable presence. Additionally, we’re forging strategic partnerships, not only with external service providers but also internally within the Aprile global network. This collaborative effort ensures a seamless integration of resources, expertise, and innovation. A cornerstone of our plan is an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. By delving deeper into relationships with existing clients and proactively cultivating new partnerships, we aim to not only expand our customer base but also solidify our standing in the market as a trusted and reliable supply chain partner. This commitment, coupled with strategic initiatives, forms the backbone of our vision to enhance Aprile UK’s position in the logistics and freight forwarding industry.

What initiatives do you envision to foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement within the Aprile UK team?

At Aprile UK, our culture is the heartbeat of our operations, and nurturing an environment of innovation and ongoing growth is essential to our success. I wholeheartedly subscribe to the notion that “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” We’re crafting an atmosphere where every team member feels valued and integral to our mission. Everyone’s voice matters, and we’re committed to ensuring that each individual is not just heard but truly listened to. In our dynamic industry, complacency is not an option. We must continually challenge the status quo to stay ahead. That’s why our culture encourages and welcomes fresh ideas and constructive challenges. Every team member is empowered to bring forth innovative solutions and contribute to our collective evolution. By fostering a culture of openness, collaboration, and empowerment, we’re laying the foundation for sustained growth and excellence at Aprile UK.

Can you discuss your approach to talent development and how you plan to support and empower the Aprile UK team to achieve their full potential?

In the world of service, our greatest asset undoubtedly lies within our people. At Aprile UK, we’re fortunate to boast a wealth of talent within our ranks. Our approach to talent development is rooted in the belief that continuous support and empowerment are key to unlocking the full potential of our team. Through ongoing training, personalized mentorship, and a culture that fosters growth, we aim to cultivate an environment where every member of the Aprile UK family thrives. Our recruitment strategy is centered on seeking individuals who not only bring valuable expertise but also align with our company culture and values. We believe that the right personalities complement skill sets, driving our collective success forward. Additionally, we’re excited to announce the launch of our graduate sales programme later this month, which will serve as a platform to nurture and develop our own talent from within. In essence, our goal is clear: to empower each member of the Aprile UK team to excel in their roles and contribute meaningfully to our shared journey of success.

How do you plan to measure success in your role as Managing Director?

As Managing Director, I believe success should be gauged not solely by financial performance but also by the quality of our internal and external relationships, the positive culture and work environment we foster, and the reputation we cultivate as the premier logistics provider to work with.

Lastly, considering Aprile’s proud Italian roots, we’re curious to know: what aspect of Italian culture are you most excited to delve into?

Oh, that’s an easy one – it’s undoubtedly the food and wine! And, of course, the infectious passion that Italians infuse into everything they do.

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