In addition to complying with the specifications of the Integrated Quality, Environment, and Safety System, which encompasses all Italian units, our foreign branches adhere to national certification programs. This commitment is aimed at ensuring the consistent delivery of our high-quality services to our customers.

icona certificazione ISO9001

This journey has witnessed a progressive expansion in both the range of certifications (environment, safety, personnel) and their integration across various companies within the Group.

To address emerging market challenges, the Group has outlined a medium-term strategy for its Integrated System, structured across three sequential phases:

  1. The adoption of an Integrated Quality, Environment, and Safety System by the parent company, Aprile SpA, aligning with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018 standards.

  2. The phased extension of these certified standards to all subsidiaries, facilitating their local adoption.

  3. The formulation, implementation, and dissemination of an HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) system within Group structures dedicated to Project Cargo. This initiative aims to enhance the quality standards of customer relations.

Our Certifications

Health, Safety and Environment