Engineering solutions
for Project cargo

Experts in complex shipments

We have been operating with a dedicated group of specialists for over 40 years. The evolution of our services has made us an integral part of the Project Teams of clients who have chosen to entrust Aprile with the management of their projects.

This enables us to experience each project phase in real time, preventing any critical issues, adapting to unexpected schedule changes, and aligning seamlessly with our clients, thanks to the skills, experience, and vision of our specialized teams.

We initiate the process with the analysis and inspection phase, conducted by our Engineering function, to assess the technical feasibility of the shipment and verify associated costs.

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The role of the project manager is pivotal in the Projects Division, overseeing project implementation and coordinating with all customers, suppliers, and local units involved.

Furthermore, Aprile staff directly engages with customer suppliers from pre-shipment and planning stages, ensuring cargo specifications, compliance, and the accuracy of all relevant documentation.

Project Cargo Services

Technical and Economic Feasibility Studies

Upon client request, we conduct feasibility studies to integrate the final offer budget with logistical elements crucial to the project.

Method Statement Drafting

Our proposals include a “Method Statement,” a detailed document that analyzes all the engineering and technical aspects related to the execution of the transport. This provides the client with a comprehensive overview of the methods through which Aprile will conduct the shipments.

Civil Works

When required, Aprile takes charge of coordinating the construction of civil works necessary for the transportation of goods from the point of origin to the final destination, such as roads, bridges, and rest areas.

Site visits, surveys, foundation placements

Whenever necessary, our engineering team conducts preliminary site visits, participates in loading and unloading operations, and collaborates with the client’s project team to clarify aspects related to the configuration of modular loads and SPMT, including foundation placements.


Our chartering office intervenes from the initial stages of project analysis to identify and propose the most suitable solutions (ships, planes, barges) for the execution of project-related shipments, ensuring compliance with the construction site’s requirements.

Planning, coordination, communication, and reporting.

Our PMs are experts at taking care of your Project Cargo.

Over 40 years of experience in Project Cargo.