It is Aprile’s policy to proactively manage health and safety regulations to ensure safe and healthy working conditions for our staff and to ensure that the work performed by the Company does not adversely affect the health and safety of others.

The organization is committed to ensuring that the company is aware of the effects of its actions on the community and the surrounding environment. Thus, it is careful to identify possible environmental impacts and prioritize actions to reduce and minimize them.



The Company recognizes and accepts the responsibility to protect the health of its staff, as well as visitors (including contractors and temporary workers), customers, and all individuals who may be affected by our activities. All employees will be provided with the equipment, information, training, and supervision necessary to implement this policy and achieve its objectives.

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It is essential to foster widespread awareness that workplace safety is the responsibility of each individual. Therefore, we consider it the duty of every employee and subcontractor to take reasonable care of their own well-being and that of others, and to report any situation that may pose a threat, even if potential, to third parties. For the effective implementation of this safety policy, we rely on the full support of all individuals within the Company.


Aprile is well-established in the shipping industry and takes pride in its work and the customer relationships cultivated over years of activity. The organization and its staff are dedicated to analyzing our activities and operations to identify environmental impacts and prioritize actions to reduce and minimize them. This entails operating under an effective environmental management system, reducing the consumption of energy and resources, minimizing the amount of waste generated, and reducing the use of harmful materials. This commitment extends to ensuring that all subcontractors adhere to established environmental goals and policies.

Our Health, Safety and Environmental Policy Manual