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Sea freight

Sea freight is still one of the pillars of our business, where Aprile can compete at the highest level even with much larger and more structured multinational companies.

Our international network enables us to operate from any point of departure and arrival, with the assistance of the local team at your disposal. We manage every aspect of your supply chain, from booking to documentation management, to door-to-door transportation.

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Air freight

The benefits of air freight include reliable timing and the ability to handle urgent shipments at a competitive cost.

Aprile, an IATA agent since 2005, with its strong relationship with major airlines, is able to take advantage of safe and flexible daily flights.

Being part of a Group present worldwide with a strong network of offices, Aprile can offer direct or consolidated services on five continents.

Overland and Intermodal

We offer our clients standard or exceptional truck transportation services to destinations in Europe, CIS, the Middle East, and Africa.

Aprile offers the intermodal option, where our expert team plans and coordinates various modes of transportation to ensure competitiveness, safety, and cost reduction.

By using intermodal service, you can enjoy a more flexible and reliable service, significantly reducing costs and carbon footprint compared to long-haul trucking.

Customized Services

Aprile offers cargo consolidation services, encompassing truck pickups from various suppliers to be grouped at its own hubs. This process involves consolidating and delivering the entire cargo to destinations worldwide.
When dealing with small cargo quantities and still wanting to benefit from ocean transportation advantages, our Less than Container Load (LCL) service allows you to consolidate multiple batches of goods with the same destination into a single container, catering to both dry and temperature-controlled cargo.

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