Engineering & Project Management

The transportation of exceptional loads and on-time site supply management are complex tasks that require specific skills, attention to detail, and experience. 

Within Aprile’s Engineering Department team, comprised of experts in Transportation Engineering, Logistics, and Mechanical Engineering, we oversee and support the most critical phases of the logistics chain transportation activities.

Our technicians participate in the planning and scheduling stages of the most delicate activities to assess and manage risks. Additionally, they oversee and provide assistance during on-site operational phases.

All activities are planned according to the Client’s needs, in coordination with the Project Team. In this phase, Aprile’s Engineering Department handles:

  • Assessing the suitability of transport means used (ships, road vehicles, modular trailers, etc.);
  • Examining the technical specifications of transport configurations, loading plans, and packaging;
  • Developing and validating with the Client the plans for stowage, lifting, securing, and positioning;
  • Assessing road routes (Route Survey, Bridge Engineering Study, etc.);
  • Conducting inspections and technical surveys as required by the Project;
  • Assessing associated risks to carry out the work and develop the Method Statement, providing constant updates during the execution phase;
  • Supporting the Client in packaging verification and design;
  • Providing ad-hoc technical support regarding specific Client needs.

Supervision and technical assistance during operational phases are carried out both nationally and internationally, covering:

  • Coordination of land transportation of oversized loads;
  • Port operations for loading/unloading (including surveys);
  • Programming and management of transportation phases in atypical environments (docking in river areas and areas with shallow drafts, transportation in isolated or difficult-to-access areas, etc.);
  • Construction site activities (placements/installations, internal movements in tight spaces, etc.).

We accept any challenge.