Our history

Aprile was founded in 1974 in Genoa, a city with a long and well-established history in seafaring and international trade. Nowadays Aprile provides its clients with comprehensive logistics chain coverage, encompassing sea, air, land, rail, and warehouse solutions, with outstanding expertise in the food and mechanical industries.


In the late 1970s, the company expanded its operations, initially covering the entirety of South America and later extending to other continents. The narrative of the Aprile group, its evolution, and development, portrays a company that, throughout its internationalization process, has consistently prioritized the individual needs and peculiarities of each client and recognized the importance of in-depth knowledge of the countries it operates in.

Aprile’s geographical expansion has been accompanied by the acquisition of specific expertise and the diversification of its business.

Today, the company provides a diverse range of tailored international shipping and logistics solutions – from single pallet shipments to entire production plants – with a pragmatic approach to destinations worldwide, ensuring a door-to-door service.

Company profile

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